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Todd Howard
5-String Bass Guitar, Vocals

Todd Howard has been playing music since he could reach up to the piano keys. Focusing mostly on piano and drums during his teen years, he was awarded a full scholarship to attend The Greater Hartford Academy of the Performing Arts, in Hartford, CT, to study music. After spending his Junior year at the Academy playing piano, he turned to electric bass as his main instrument. Paul McCartney, Geddy Lee and Last Fair Deal's many bass players were strong early influences. He learned harmony singing from listening to the Beatles and by hearing his parents (Paul Howard is Todd's father) sing together throughout his childhood. He was 5 years old when his Dad met Tom and Phil and joined Last Fair Deal.

During the late 80's he co-founded the Connecticut-based rock trio Gaillion - now known as Chalk - and released "Admit One" on their own label in 1989. Todd has also collaborated for many years with his younger brother Jesse, and they performed and recorded as a four-piece band called Mobile Home and as an acoustic duo throughout most of the 90's when the brothers lived in Seattle. While in the northwest, Todd also produced and co-edited an independent feature film written and directed by brother Jesse called "The Trouble with Boys and Girls."

Todd returned to New England in the fall of 2002, and began to get together with Paul and Tom to jam on Fridays, and brought his new 5-string bass sound to the acoustic fold. After two or three sessions, it became apparent that the opportunity to play music professionally with his old man was at hand, and Paul and Tom realized that there could be a bona-fide Last Fair Deal reunion. After a few Friday jams with Phil, it was clear that it was time to move forward into a whole new era of LFD. Todd handles many of the technical aspects of the band's marketing and promo including designing and managing the website, creating the CD package artwork for the band's CD releases, and served as mixing engineer on "True Tales." Todd is quite enjoying being part of the string band that used to play and sing in his living room when he was a kid.

Email: todd ~ at ~ lastfairdeal.com

(photo by Marcia Goodman)

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